Getwele pioneered and proved a correlation between biochemical restoration/balance (using nutrition) and reduction in drug desire/seeking behavior since 1995

Getwele Recovery & Wellness Center

                                                                                        When there is no desire, there is no seeking

  • Relapse to Substance Use Disorder - a Recalcitrant Problem.
  • Relapse to drug seeking after abstinence - major challenge to recovery
  • Research shows intense craving after release from incarceration as a contributing factor
  • Persistent craving,  multiple treatments revolving door situation and, burn out feelings are experienced
  • Motivation to continue seeking recovery from treatment & rehabilitation is lost or diminished.
  • Pre-release group recovery support while in structured program is beneficial for hope that individual will not left alone.
  • New and more effective abstinence interventions are critically needed
  • Getwele believes that if nutrients are replenished and biochemical depletions are restored, brain functions can improve and individual users can lessen their desire and seeking behavior.

Getwele Natureceuticals, a division of Sarat Investment LLC is a Maryland Limited Liability Company that manufactures proprietary formulations of combined dietary suppliments, developed over 21 years for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) abstinence support.

Our Philosophy


Getwele can help you lessen your desire for substance use by about 60% in less than 90 days, so that you can function at your best level without the need to seek for it.